Urbanwear Iconoclasts#8:DandyDelSur Streetwear Brand Based in Malmo,Sweeden

Urbanwear Iconoclasts#8:DandyDelSur Streetwear Brand Based in Malmo,Sweeden

Streetwear can be boring sometimes.Brands following only the hype copying each others, using New trends,not as inspirations,guidelines or roadmap to innovate aNd create cool clothing but rather, as a copy/paste mindset with no room for original ,cutting edge Apparel.

It’s hard to find up-and Coming brand that are aware of what’s going on,Creative deisgners that are aware of what’s trending ,but rather use it as a reference and an inspiration to do their own thing and adapt it to their Own style.In my Opinion “DandyDelsur”Masrefully do that.

i had the pleasure to sit and talk with them about plenty of subjects including the brand’s origin,the Place of sweeden within the streetwear Game and have their view on Fashion’s obsession with the Youth.

Here’s the Full Interview:


So, DandyDelSur, how did it come to be?

Well i was looking for a name that represented something, later the idea was to represented a character and finally to represented a style of life. But the most important was for me to have a mix between english and spanish name to have something really personal of me in the brand name, Im coming from Argentina that its because “del Sur”, and “Dandy”have a direct conection with the fashion world and clothes.

How did your interest in designing,UrbanFashion and streetwear come about?

From my youth i was allways intersted in fashion, clothes and street styles, but never was in mind to work with that. In 2010 i meet in Germany some guy that was working in a underground brand and introduce me in this amazing world.

Isn’t the market flooded with t-shirt brands?In your Opinion what makes “DandyDelsur stand out?

Every day more and more and more 🙂 . I think DDS its at the moment only a baby and have a big potencial but need time. Now its only more a Local New Brand but soon can DDS show the really potencial and the creativity that really have in the new models.

As seen within Your Tumblr Bio “Dandy del Sur is a distinctive style of street fashion. Born of the mix between South America and Europe, Art Party Sport and Fashion
Culture.Fused with elements of rock n roll fashion”.But in Your Opinion which Subculture Inform nad dictate more the Design,artistic directions of the brand?To put it simply who is your “Perfect Customer Persona.

My perfect costumer persona i think are everyone that have the feeling to be represented with DDS.

While Checking your Products,Hoodies,Shirts..i feel like you are drawing and referencing some other Streetwear Brands and designers ,i can reocgnize some ode to for Example “Marcel Bourlon’s snake t-shirts,Kanye ‘s “ I feel Like pablo” and “St pablo Merch tour,Anti Social Social Club Hoodies.. was that Intentional?If so how does that Inform the brand’s DNA?

Allways they are a intention, more now at the start. But its so with all the brands and what is trend or hype at the moment, Nowadays everyone copy or do something similar from other. I follow tendences and try to mix with my designs and style.

While browsing your Catalgoue And products,Photography.. i feel like the brands dosen’t shy away from being attached to different lifestyles {Skaters,Stoners,Bikers,Musicians..}.There’s a piece of advice to always pick just one Customer in mind, i feel like you guys are doing the Opposite? Why is that ? and what’s the Philosophy behind it?

Yes exctly DDS dont have really a only one lifestyle, and change constantly. DDS is a one man project but with a lot of personalities so maybe there is the answer of this,

What is like to be a Streetwear Brand,In Malmo,Sweeden.?

There is no brand that says it is malmo. And that is the goal.

-8-If you had to pick up one of these which one would it be and why ? {Supreme//Fear of God//Palace Skateboards}

Everyday i discovery new brands that really admire but to be like that is a very difficult question.

Fear of God

There’s an obsession with Youth,in Fashion,Media and culture in general ,as a brand geared towards them,How would you explain this Interest?

Consumerism and the idea of feeling accepted or being on the cool or good side.

What are your plans for the future?And how you consider to grow “DandyDelSur”?

The plan is to continue offering new designs to our public and adding more clothing options like jackets, pants, longsleeves etc.
For now DDS is just a person who does everything, design, production, social media etc. The idea is to add people to the project and create a working group to reach the goal of being the local streetwear of Malmö.

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