Urbanwear Iconoclasts#3:Luciano Parisi Founder of “THESIGN”

Urbanwear Iconoclasts#3:Luciano Parisi Founder of “THESIGN”-A Hedonistic Archetype Blog Series

The Italian Brand “THESIGN” is the very definition of an avant-garde Urban and Contemporary Brand,with some bold,edgy and unapologetic fashion that plays with political Symbols,Adds a twist of irony to Apparel ,but also manage to “keep it real”.

We sat down with “THESIGN” ‘s founder Luciano Parisi to discuss the evolution of the Brand,it’s origins and specifically the elements that makes THESIGN Republic such a unique Fashion Brand.


Could you present “TheSign” to us, and share some insights on how it all started?


Once upon a time there was a dream called THESIGN.

And some dreams, sometimes, are destined to become true.

THESIGN started as my own dream. Now it’s an avant-garde Urban/Contemporary Brand. Its main goal is attract an international audience of Trendsetters looking for an unique and inimitable lifestyle. Every human being is unique and the goal of THESIGN’s collections is to enhance the personality of those who wears them and emphasize the uniqueness of each and every person. Abandoning homogeneity, becoming “Sign”.

It came very naturally, when i was still attending my 3rd and last year at Ied Moda Lab, a fashion school in Milan.

I had the impression to be surrounded from too many stuffs reguarding “DESIGN”, so suddenly wrote it “THESIGN”, like playing. I liked it and made the logo; then i used it for my first collection, made for my thesis project.

That’s how it started…and after school i spent some years working for other Brands. In 2015 i decided to start to product the first Collection, and now we are growing always more, built our Official E-Commerce ( www.thesignrepublicstore.com ) and selling the collection in selected stores.

My goal was to match the “know –how” of my territory, with my contemporary sight on fashion, with my point of view.

According to you what it means to be an Italian streetwear Brand? and does that shape the expectations of Customers?Why did you choose to have all of your productions made 100% in Italy?


I love travel… and mostly alone. Fortunately i started early, thanks to my parents.

Each time that i visited other countries, as much people i met, discovered new culture, as much i felt myself “italian”. I love looking details, and it’s always nice to discover differences wherever i go.

It means that the “italian touch” it’s recognizable, and often synonimus of proper style. Storically it reguarded big, famous Designer, and it’s surely our background.

I think that nowadays a designer with a real authentic street background like me can give the same in terms of style, and it perfectly fit to customers that share my opinion: “Difference is Richness”.

Reguarding the production it’s one of the building concept of my vision. The “made in Italy” it’s a value for me, expecially in the Region i come from (Molise), historically full of factories and laboratories.

My goal was to match the “know –how” of my territory, with my contemporary sight on fashion, with my point of view.

A Degree in International Relations, DJ for fun, talented illustrator, skilled cool hunter and professional designer. Luciano Parisi is a person with many faces..

As an Individual With various Interests,which something i guess we both share how do you feel about having multi-interests and does that get in the way of the company,deadlines;growth.. or you believe it fuels it with Various inputs and perspective?


One of the first thing i’ve learned thanks to my experiences, is “organization”.

Following my dream, and became “BRAND”, i decided to be not only a Designer, or Creative Director.

I am an enterpreneur, manager, and product man. It’s not easy at all balance and work on more stuffs at the same time, but actually i like it and it let me feel satisfied every day more.

It’s funny, because have interest it’s like have a plant: more you have, more they come…like leafs.



“I think fashion is one of the most powerful tools that our generation has to express themselves. A piece of clothing has to enhance the individuality of the person who wears it and show his/her ideas and not be a cliché.”-Luciano


I Kind of share the same belief,that Millenials and the New generation will be more drawn into fashion as an art-form rather than strictly for businesses.Could you Share more your thoughts and perspective on the Subject?

Nowadays there’s definately more “possibility” of audience for everybody. Something you couldn’t even expect can become viral and mainstream in few seconds. The light limit between fashion-art & fashion-business is related to the consciusness of customers.

“Exaggerating the reality he sees every day, through a careful observation of the streets and what is happening around him — To break up a subject and then re-build it to create something that exceeds the normality is at the core of his work. “


i Get a sense when i read Your Bio part on the website, that you share the same thoughts once expressed by steve jobs but you managed to channel it through fashion and streetwear.


Life can be much broader once you discover one simple fact: Everything around you that you call life was made up by people that were no smarter than you. And you can change it, you can influence it… Once you learn that, you’ll never be the same again.”
Steve Jobs

My main goal, connected on this argument, is to keep close all the people that follow us non passively, not because THESIGN is “famous”, not because is “trendy” in this period… but because they deeply share the same openminded lifestyle, they agree about the messages we launch with our communications.

So do you feel that young Fashion designers and Brand owners have a more direct impact on people then other creative forms? what are your thoughts on this?


Absolutely not.

I thing that the young fashion designers are still for few people that research for a REAL unique style.

Of course they have a strong direct impact on people; the have for real a story to tell. They really have something to say.

The rest of them (that are the most famous), most of the time are not fashion designers, they never studied anything about fashion, they are not educated in that sense, but the come from other areas (pr, communication, blog, etc etc), and the are a business investments for big group that develop and finance their ideas.


Do you think Fashion,and apparel needs to be Political?If so does some of your Products,t-shirt like the ones containing a flip or a remix of the communist sign are a statement in itself,Or just out of irony and interest in Cool graphics,shapes..?


Since when i do it myself, dressing in the morning for me means communicate myself.

If i would be a politician i surely would be recognizable and with a strong identity.

It’s totally different think that fashion appareal has to be Political.

I’ve the opinion that everybody should do his own work, trying to make his best for him & the community.

If we would have politicians that concentrate on politics, we would live in a better way.

As well if we let create fashion to fashion designer that spend years of studies and work…we would dress better. ☺

The t.shirt you mentioned actually had 2 different prints: one was a “remix” of the Ex Urss logo, and the second a “remix” of the European Flag.

They came out in a specifical, critic moment for the European Politics balances…and fataly just before that Brexit happened. (vision?)

The shooting of that capsule collection, infact, was done on purpose in Berlin , that is storically the example of the city that was divided between the Sovietic Statement & the Occidental one.

I like to work with irony and let give to THESIGN an input.

At the end i think that Fashion needs to be real, close to what happens in the world, in the real life.



I had the impression to be surrounded from too many stuffs reguarding “DESIGN”, so suddenly wrote it “THESIGN”, like playing. I liked it and made the logo; then i used it for my first collection, made for my thesis project.That’s how it started…


It seems that as a founder,Company you have a clear vision in regards of your customers,mission.Principles..did this happen overtime? or did you had it clear straight from the start?


It was definately straight from the begin: after the registration of the label, the first thing we did was proclamate our Manifesto. (that you find in the ABOUT section of www.thesignrepublic.com )

Streetwear is certainly more Avant-garde and Open as a community,which explains the raise of techniques like {Remixing,Mash-ups} and brands collaboraitons? how do you feel about that?

At the begin it seemed cool and interesting.

After all the collabo i’ve seen, seems that those brands are nota s strong as they want show, and they need this strong & effective mash-up to give something new.

For me they look without fresh & new ideas.


Who Dares wins”,which adventures “THESign” will dare to do in the future?

The next amazing adventure will be in March, where we will have the opportunity to show for the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in Moscow.

After that we will launch a special, unique and innovative project to involve cool THESIGN’s Citizens into the Republic…but that’s a surprise! Keep update on our official social networks and discover what’s going on.

Quick Update: due to the fact that the  interview is published a bit in delay.Meanwhile The “SIGN” had an amazing show at ” Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia“.You can Check the brand’s Facebook Page for Videos and pictures of this amazing event.

One final question,when i reached to you guys,you were so positive and replied quickly..for people and brand founders that are starting out ,do you think that such actions “Replying to customers,Journalists..” is crucial to building a strong brand?why not outsource it ? and do you believe as Paul Graham said “ do things that don’t scale” as a way to Build an apparel Business”

Absolutely yes…but actually it comes natural.

Before that for built a strong Brand, it’s fair and educated answer to any comment or questions to people.

The dimension of a brand should be alway the dimension of a person. Even when you grow up and became a big brand.

If you loose the real dimension, sorry but for me you lost your soul.







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