Urbanwear Iconoclasts#1:Khan creative director of YAC STUDIO

Urbanwear Iconoclasts Interview Series #1: Khan creative director of YAC STUDIO

Urbanwear Iconoclasts:When it came to promoting “Hedonistk//A Hedonistic Archetype”i want it to be as organic as possible.to help nurture and re-define the Cutlure in a positive way.I also want it to be about Collaboration and mainly inspired by the Things i can fuck up with or personally like as a brand Owner .that’s why i’am starting these series of interviews in order to Bring Dope Brands,Designers,Models,Creatives,And let these interviews be a way that they can express their opinions about Fashion,Art,Streetwear and Life through their Spectrum of Thoughts.

Yac Studio:I have discovered “Yac Studio” through Instagram. and i was drawn to the brand through their “Lowkey Designs”.Kind of “in Your face pieces like “ ‘don’t kill my high because you are low” or “people are poison” hoodies.

i had the chance to have a discussion about the brand with “Jay Khan the creative director of YAC STUDIO,here’s the Full Interview:

How did you get the idea for “Yac Studio”?

Its a simple word YAC means DRUG in Korean. So when we go to pharmacy, we ask to get ‘YAC’ to pharmacist. so I though YAC which is us, is going to be something people needed. Always possibility of overdose or addicted problems about DRUG (YAC in Korean) is our identity and color.

In your opinion Did being a South Korean //New York Based streetwear brand influential for Yac Sutdio ’s Aesthetics?if so how’s that?

First thought before I start up my brand, streetwear is not the hard things to do. It is just culture of street, what they do and how they act. People skate a lot, wearing hoodie or sweatshirts for daily life. SO I THINK ITS TIME TO MAKE SOMETHING ABOUT MY CULTURAL PERSPECTIVE. As I interviewed with Trapped, I want to feel the same thing with people as what is says in our products.

There’s a sense of ease that i feel when browsing through your prodcuts even though i’am reading some stand-offish and like bold statements such as “People Are Poison”..was that intentional? and why did -you choose such strong statements?

I’m not sure you know or not, when this statements made, there was big issues about South Korea President. From this scandal, ME and MY TEAN Talked a lot about everyone connected to this issues and also in America. Donald Trump.

is there an underlying message behind the graphic tee fusing both of the South Korean and American flag? or it’s just interesting to you guys on an graphic level?

 I have so many friends grew up in America or spent their time in America for a long time. Few of my friends had identity confusion in their life time, and I don’t think that is a simple think to make an answer. and South Korean American flag is the answer of the questions. Why we tired to concluded to one answer such as Korean or American? their background is combined culture. it is what it is. That is where we started from.

Khan explained how his personal point of view about the world is not always positive and how he felt a lot of people can relate and feel the same way. Yac Studio is therefore a brand that helps them to express what they think in a productive and creative fashion. Khan channelled his and his crew’s negativity into positivity through his creative expression in his clothing. Creating minimal print designs on hoodies, crewneck’s, tees and caps..”Trapped Magazine-Introducing: Yac Studio — KoreanStreetwear”

If you had to sum up “Yac”s Message in few word what those words will be ?

 FIRST, come up with flag design, we define us as Yankee Asian Club (YAC)However, real meaning we come up with is Young and Artist.It doesn’t matter about how old they are. At least they have fresh ideas which I think that is young, and do any type art is artist.So with Fresh and New Ideas(Young) Artist Club is just us ourselves.

-6-Would you guys consider Branching out within the future to selling other items like ,Footwear,Sneakers,Accessories?..

At this point we don’t have any plan about make other besides clothes.

However we would love to collaborate with other brands, so feel free to contact to make good project y’all.

Finally,i have read on the “TrappedMagazine’ article that a Collaboration with “Timberland” willl take place.When would that see the light of the day? and how did it came about?

 Actually, not as same as brand image of YAC STUDIO, I had a pop-up shop with Timberland called ‘Make A Wish’

which is donate profit of event to literary make a wish of incurable diseases children. From that point we keep contacted each other and talked about make a collaboration together. End of this year, It is going to come up with graphic designs on timberland boots. it will be available at local timberland store and our website.

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